CSV Stripping It Bare - tackling taboo health issues

CSV Stripping It BareCSV Stripping It Bare breaks down taboos!

One of the main reasons that people don't go to the doctor when something goes wrong is embarrassment.

Our Stripping it Bare project has been breaking down taboos and getting everyone talking for the last three years about embarrassing illnesses, such as prostate and bowel cancer, sexual health in the over 50s and mental health. CSV is now one of the Department of Health's Strategic Partners.

We have teams of Health Champion volunteers who are trained and willing to talk to groups and individuals about the importance of getting checked out early, taking precautions and seeking help.

CSV Action's partnership with BBC Local Radio helps us get these vital messages across to the right people.

In 2014 CSV is supporting Time to Talk, getting people all over the country to talk about mental health and how we can all help by not letting it stay a taboo. Listen to some of our stories.

In 2011 our Valentine's Day campaign ran across many BBC radio stations and involved the airing of very explicit stories about sexual health in the over 50s, just when those people might be listening.

The volunteers are recruited and managed by CSV's Community Outreach Managers who are based within the BBC.

Volunteers are called Health Champions and their main roles are to:

  • Encourage people to get health screening earlier and more regularly, in many cases for the first time
  • Show people what help is available locally
  • Enable people from different communities to find the right source of help for themselves and their friends, reducing the social stigma in certain communities
  • Build up a group of local health messengers who can become trusted advocates and intermediaries.

Our volunteer Health Champions attend community events and meetings, meet individuals and talk to groups to break down some of the taboos that are still prevalent about health.

Be a Health Champion volunteer!

By becoming a Health Champion you will make sure that your local communities have useful information about health issues that are important to them and know where to find more help. It's just as important if you feel you can only take information to people you already know in your community and encourage them to take up screening and information as one of our health messengers. CSV supports all volunteers with promotional materials, meetings and feedback sessions.

If you want to know more contact Claire Rutter on claire.rutter@bbc.co.uk  .