Celebrating 50 years of making a difference

Celebrating 50 Years of CSV

Since 1962, hundreds of thousands of people from the UK and from across the world have embarked on new adventures to benefit others.

Through CSV, volunteers have been supporting disabled people to live independently in their own home, mentoring troubled young people, and improving local environments.

By giving their time, skills and energy, CSV volunteers have helped young people with literacy and numeracy skills, and enabled older people and disadvantaged families to use the internet.

Young people and adults seeking new careers have been supported through learning projects, developing skills, increasing their confidence, and bringing thousands of people closer to jobs through apprenticeships, foundation learning programmes and innovative social enterprises.

Explore 50 years of Volunteer Champions!

Banner image: Support Volunteer ChampionsThroughout our 50 year history, millions of volunteers have been changing the world.

They are our Volunteer Champions.

Explore our timeline to find out what volunteers from CSV have done to build strong, inclusive and vibrant communities.