BBC's Rachel Burden says: volunteer on your Gap Year

BBC Radio 5 presenter Rachel BurdenBBC Radio Five Live presenter is backing CSV's drive to recruit 'Gap Year' volunteers aged 18 to 35.

Rachel says:  "I volunteered with CSV when I was 18. The experience taught me really valuable skills which have been crucial to my career in journalism. You can do the same!

"I spent my own ‘Gap Year’ helping a lady with physical disabilities to lead an independent life in her own home.  It taught me to listen, to be patient and resilient. Most importantly, I found volunteering enormously rewarding; I learnt new life skills, made friends and had a huge amount of fun.

"Volunteering with CSV gives young people direction and focus. Employers are always impressed by voluntary experience - and this can give you the edge on other candidates."

For more information about gap year volunteering from 6 to 12 months, call 0800 374 991 or visit