CSV response to the Big Society Capital fund launch

4th April 2012, £600m Big Society fund launched.

CSV Chief Executive Lucy De Groot says: "Voluntary bodies are innovative and successful in reaching and empowering people and communities that can be poorly served by the state.

"It's good that the Government is finding new ways to support social action and encourage enterprise in the voluntary sector.

"But many voluntary groups don't have the financial capacity or expertise to engage. Government at all levels must continue to support small scale community action through grants, innovative procurement and partnerships with statutory services."

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Notes for Editors

1. CSV enriches the lives of more than a million people in the UK every year. We create volunteering and training opportunities that enable people to have a positive stake in society and tackle barriers to community participation. Acting both locally and nationally we mobilise over 167,000 volunteers and help over 10,000 trainees develop new skills.