CSV volunteers support older people to switch to digital

Two women and two children, all smiling in front of the Digital UK mascot.CSV volunteers are working round the clock to support people aged over 50 and low income families with the digital switchover.

There are only two more television regions in England that have yet to switch over to digital television: Tyne and Tees and Meridian, South West England.

Volunteers and CSV staff have been working alongside the BBC to speak to older and vulnerable people to ensure that they aren’t left without their favourite programmes.

For many older people television is their only source of company.

CSV staff and volunteers have been touring the country seeking out local community groups to discuss the digital switchover. London is the latest region to undergo the digital switchover, as part of the tour they visited Stevenage, Lewisham and Southwark. 

In Stevenage they spoke to people about re-tuning their television and digital sets. For one older person who lived in sheltered accommodation a volunteer visited his home to retune the digital box as he never learnt to read and therefore couldn’t understand the leaflets to take away, and didn’t know what buttons to press.

Another older person they spoke to purchased a new digital television ready for the switchover. He didn’t realise that the television broadcast SKY news and he was so worried about SKY’s expensive monthly costs, that he didn’t watch any television for seven months.

If you are concerned about the digital switchover and need additional information and support, please visit www.helpscheme.co.uk.