Join CSV for a unique full-time volunteering experience

Discover CSV's brilliant opportunities to volunteer full-time and make a huge difference to someone's life, spending six months to a year away from home dedicating your time to helping others.

An unforgettable, life-changing gap year building experience and boosting your UCAS application.

Volunteer full-time in your gap year before University and boost your UCAS application.

You can also apply if you'd like to take a career break, and gain valuable skills for your CV.

You'll learn more about yourself and new make friends.

Above all you'll change someone's life for the better.

We're here to train you and support your volunteering every step of the way. You'll get free accommodation and day to day expenses.

It's a big challenge but the benefits are amazing. Not only for the people you help as a volunteer but for yourself as well.

You might find you're capable of more than you ever imagined.

Tahir's Story

Tahir is a law student and has cerebral palsy with restricted mobility and is a wheelchair user.

As for many other people with disabilities, CSV provides Tahir with volunteers that enable him to live with independence, and that means he can finish his degree.

Grace's Gap Year

Grace Tadd, volunteerGrace from Leicester recognised that there are people in society that need the help of others.

She spent her gap year assisting a wheelchair-using student at Lancaster University, helping him make the most of university life.

She made a huge difference to his life, and gave herself a unique experience.

Read Grace's gap year story.


Apply now!

Applying for full-time volunteering opportunities with CSV is easy.

Just tell us how long you'd like to volunteer for and when you want to start.

If you have any questions about the application process please contact our recruitment team on 0121 643 7690 or email

Not a UK, EU or EEA national living in the UK?

If you are interested in full-time volunteering and are not a UK, EU or EEA national living in the UK, please visit our international volunteers page.

Why volunteer full time?

You might be looking for a gap year volunteering opportunity, need work experience for your career, or just want to make a difference.

There is no better feeling than knowing you’ve made a real difference to someone’s life.

International volunteers

Want to volunteer full-time in the UK with CSV from another country?

Full-time volunteering in the UK with CSV offers so much more than any holiday. This is your chance to get a real taste of life in the UK.

You will learn about UK culture, meet new people and learn new skills.